INS Viraat: The Pride of India

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The longest-serving battleship of India INS Viraat is taking her last breath at the Alang, Bhavnagar. The INS Viraat is anchored there at the beaches of Alang (known as Ship’s graveyard). The INS Viraat battleship will be dismantled there. Every ship comes to an end where it gets broken into pieces. However, this battleship INS Viraat is special for every Indian.

The INS Viraat is an old battleship that served the Navy of both Britain and India. This battleship INS Viraat is the second warship after INS Vikrant which is being broken. The battleship INS Vikrant was decommissioned from the Indian Navy in the year 2013. The INS Vikrant was sold for ₨ 60 crores ($82 million) at an auction. The dismantling process of INS Vikrant had done at Mumbai whereas it is the first time in history that a historical battleship has come here at Alang for dismantling.

Alang Ship Breaking Yard at Bhavnagar

Let’s have a look at the place where INS Viraat has been anchored and where INS Viraat will be broken. Alang is located in the Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat. The natural condition of high tide and low tide made this place a perfect location to break ships. At the time of high tide, the water of the ocean comes high enough and goes up to 2–3 kilometers away during low tide. This happens two times a day which is not observed anywhere in the whole world. That is why Alang Ship Breaking Yard is so important.

Alang Ship Breaking Yard

This place contains a total of 160 Ship Breaking Yards in an area of more than 10 km. When the financial crisis hits the world, the number of ships increases for the dismantling process and vice versa. The Alang Ship Breaking Yard was started in 1983 and to date, more than 8300 ships have been wrecked here. Out of all, INS Viraat is the most special and historical ship.

History of INS Viraat

After the end of World War II, Britain started making an aircraft carrier as needed in 1949. The warship became ready after the hard work of 8 years in 1957. The warship underwent all the necessary examination and testing. Finally, she was added to Britain Royal Navy in 1959. At that time, her name was HMS Hermes. The HMS Hermes served Britain Royal Navy for 25 years from 1959 to 1984.

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