How to use the Yoast SEO plugin for free?

Even though you are using Blogger, you can use Yoast SEO. It is an extremely helpful SEO tool. Because it facilitates SEO-friendly article writing. Also, it optimizes your articles to rank fast in Google searches.

We all are curious about how this SEO works!!! Aren’t we? So, let’s learn how to use this WordPress plugin in blogger. You will find screenshots and details below. Follow the steps accordingly to use Yoast SEO for free in blogger.

I have divided the steps into two parts: Firstly, install the Yoast SEO plugin. Secondly, learn how to use this plugin in blogger. Furthermore, these steps are divided into sub-steps for suitability.

How to Install Yoast SEO?

Create an account on Ultimatefreehost!!!

  1. Visit the website called “Ultimatefreehost.” You can click here to redirect to the website.
  1. Click on the free Sign Up button.
  2. Fill in your details accordingly. Here’s how you will fill in the details.
  • Default URL: Put whatever you like as your default URL. For instance, I have filled here as macblogs. It will become
  • Following subdomains available from cPanel: Likewise, you can choose any subdomain from the list.
  1. Choose further option accordingly shown in the screenshot.
  2. Click on the free plan button after filling in the details. You will see a page like this.

3. Now, check your e-mail and verify the account for Ultimatefreehost.

Create your Website URL!!!

  1. Consequently, you will see a screen with your login details. You can take a screenshot of this. However, you will get these details via mail too. So, don’t worry about that.

2. After that, click on the link mentioned as “Your Website URL.”

3. You will now see an interface like this. Subsequently, click on the “START NOW” button after landing on the page.

4. Then, enter your login details on the next page. You can retrieve your details from your e-mail.

5. After that, click on the “I Approve” button.

Create Subdomain for the Website URL!!!

  1. Furthermore, you will land on the page as shown here.

2. Now, click on the “Home” button. Can you see 9 dots square on the upper left side? Click it.

3. Create a subdomain of your choice. And, click create button.

4. You will see a page similar as you have seen before. Scroll down and click on the option “Softaculous Apps Installer.”

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