Fate of the mot loved game: PUBG Returns

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India has once again showed its real power to the world and especially to China. India had recently banned 118 Chinese applications which included Tencent’s PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. I have already thrown some light on that subject and if you haven’t read the blog about “Fate of the most loved game PUBG: Part 2”, I recommend you to read that blog first.

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There have been total three waves of bans and total 224 Chinese Applications had been turned down until now. In Fate of the most loved game PUBG: Part 2, I stated that we are emphasizing more on PUBG compared to other banned applications because PUBG has the most impact due to its high demand and high number of users.

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) had nearly 33 million users in India. The Tencent company collected high revenue from that and then it came into sight of Mr. Modi, and BOOOM! PUBG was banned.

According to a report, Tencent runs in a loss of 14 crore rupees per day from India due to ban. Indian players generated high revenue for the company by watching advertisements or by making in-app purchases. Everyone has to admit that the in-app purchases had generated tremendous revenue for Chinese government directly. Let me present you the prices and plans of in-app purchases of PUBG Mobile game.

There were two types of in-app purchases,

1. Elite Royale Pass: This in-app purchase granted elite missions to rank up faster than other players. It also immediately grants 4000 UC as a reward. It can be purchased by paying UC, which are in-game currency. Player had to pay 600 UC to buy this Elite Royale Pass. The 600 UC costs a player 799 INR.

2. Elite Plus Royale Pass: This in-game purchase is a big brother of above. It grants a player the benefits of Elite Royale Pass and along-with that also grants 25 ranks at 40% off compared to above. Also, it rewards a player 10,000 UC immediately. The price for this Elite Plus Royale Pass is 1800 UC which costs a player 1949 INR.

This had generated high revenue for the Chinese company Tencent. Everyday, many player had bought this in-game purchases and benefited greatly to Tencent.

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