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In this fast running world, reaching somewhere on time or before the time is very crucial. The transportation services like airplanes makes it feasible for us. But an entirely new transportation technology is being developed which is known as HYPERLOOP. The hypothetical speed of hyperloop is saying to be around 1200 km/h, which means as equal as speed of sound (1235 km/h). The hyperloop developed by the company Virgin Hyperloop One at this time has the speed of 172 km/h (with humans). The goal is to achieve the sound speed with hyperloop. …

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SpaceX and NASA will launch four astronauts to the International Space Station on November 15, 2020 from Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39. The SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft will lift off at 7:27 pm EST (5:57 am IST) for six month long mission. It was scheduled to lift off at 2:00 am IST on November 14. The live coverage of the event will begin at 3:15 pm EST (1:45 pm IST). Do you want to see live coverage of lift off? No need to go or redirect anywhere!!!WATCH LIVE COVERAGE HERE.!!!

Additionally, just before this Crew-1 mission, NASA…

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After the CoVID lockdown, first launch of ISRO has been successfully done. ISRO had sent 10 satellites into their respective orbits. I wrote about this before and predicted somewhat like what happened on November 7, 2020. I wrote that, “India is now helping other countries to ascend their satellites into the space.” Once there was a time, when we were taking help of other developed countries like Russia and The United States for launching our satellites. We were fully dependent upon them for launching. Now look, where we have reached! The countries on which we were depended are…

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The elections of one of the superpower country are coming soon. The US election is just three days away, and most of the countries are having their eyes on the results of the US elections. November 3 is declared as the US election 2020 date. India has finest relations with both the countries viz. America and Russia, and therefore India will experience the highest impact due to US election 2020. One interesting event in order to gain as much voter as possible is Presidential Debate of US. This debate takes place between the candidates of presidentship. This time the debate…

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The mankind is the only species on earth evolving and developing itself exponentially compared to other species. The development is necessary for the survival and for the ease of living. However, we are damaging others while managing ourselves. Today, my attention had been drawn towards the ongoing protest in Goa against Mollem Project Goa by one of my friend. I did the basic research on ground level and found out some scary problems that might lead us into serious consequences.

I won’t make preface long and will give you a brief introduction about what my today’s article is…

In this article, we will learn about how to start blogging in 2021. It will cover all the major topics that you should take care of. You will learn about hosting, domain, and blogger templates.

Above all, you will learn something new about SEO. It is a crucial topic to learn before starting a blog. SEO will drive organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing. So, let’s get started.

How to start blogging in 2021?

You can start a blog by visiting the website blogger.com.

  • Create an account or Sign Up using your email.
  • Create a blog and name it.
  • Select a niche to…

Even though you are using Blogger, you can use Yoast SEO. It is an extremely helpful SEO tool. Because it facilitates SEO-friendly article writing. Also, it optimizes your articles to rank fast in Google searches.

We all are curious about how this SEO works!!! Aren’t we? So, let’s learn how to use this WordPress plugin in blogger. You will find screenshots and details below. Follow the steps accordingly to use Yoast SEO for free in blogger.

I have divided the steps into two parts: Firstly, install the Yoast SEO plugin. Secondly, learn how to use this plugin in blogger. …

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We are in an era where everything has been contained in our pocket-sized mobile. Whether it is a calculator, calendar, or books. There are plenty of websites that avail the free eBooks. We don’t need to carry the weighty books with us and we can access them from anywhere with a click in the form of eBooks. However, still, there are some people who like to collect hard copies of books as their interest. Today I am going to cite seven websites that provide free eBooks to read and borrow.

Free eBooks Download Sites:

1) What should I read next:

When we read a book from a certain…

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Oxford has recently released the Hindi word of the year 2020. Can you guess what could be that word? This word was uplifted by Indian PM Narendra Modi during his speech amidst lockdown. Thereafter the word went viral everywhere like news and social media. Many memes were made on this word. The word was… AATMANIRBHAR. The internet was loaded with this word and finally, it became the Hindi word of the year 2020.

Meaning of Aatmanirbhar

Self-reliant or self-dependent is the meaning of the word Aatmanirbhar. However, until now most Indians were using foreign products especially products from China. The Aatmanirbhar…

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Sometimes history does injustice to those people who deserve to be in history. Those who deserve to be remembered sometimes disappear into history. The historian has ignored or forgotten to write about many such personalities who were important at their respective times. They now become anonymous and we no longer hear about their ventures and stories.

One such important person climbed Mount Everest in 1953 and became one of the first humans to do so. Tenzing Norgay was a Nepali Sherpa who climbed World’s highest peak Everest along with Edmund Hillary. …

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